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Citizen Storage Management increases the value of your assets, reduces expenses, and increases net operating income by combining superb management expertise and best-of-breed technology. We’ll sweat the details for you.
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The Best Way to Manage Your Self-Storage Business

Citizen Storage Management makes managing your self-storage business simple. We implement modern technology and management tools that streamline day-to-day management tasks. When we increase efficiency and productivity, your expenses plummet while your profits and ROI soar.

With our approach, owners and employees are happier. And customer satisfaction skyrockets. It’s a win-win for everyone, especially your bottom line.

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Citizen Storage Management Beats the REITS

With decades of experience managing self storage properties across the United States, Citizen Storage’s management team has the strategic vision and hands-on know-how for driving successful self storage businesses. We build a customized suite of services for each client’s unique situation, and we take an aggressive approach to ancillary income, revenue management, staffing, operations, tenant rate management, and more. The proof is in the revenue and valuation benchmarks we deliver to our partners.

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"We acquired the Tennessee portfolio of approximately half a million square feet in the early days of the pandemic – CSM was able to come on board with a customized solution to accommodate extreme operational volatility, Covid-era delinquency, and collapsing capital markets. They improved portfolio performance within a matter of months, and have demonstrated a deep knowledge of the sub-markets within which we operate. CSM exceeded our expectations and we look forward to continuing to work with them as we grow the self-storage vertical." Kartikeya “KK” Kejriwal Director, Gelt Ventures

Kartikeya “KK” Kejriwal
Director, Gelt Ventures

Peter Spickenagel

Citizen Storage Management President and CEO, Peter Spickenagel, is a nationally recognized expert on self-storage management. Peter has overseen operations for over 95 storage facilities throughout the country consisting of 40,000+ units comprising 5.3 million rentable square feet. He’s a frequent speaker at national conferences providing industry leaders and owners advice on key topics such as Revenue Management, Operational Best Practices, Creative Marketing Campaigns, and the latest technology trends.

Peter both sat on and led the Program Committee for the Young Leaders Group of the Self-Storage Association. Peter currently sits on the board of directors for the Self Storage Association of Michigan (SSAM) and was the Chairman of the Board in 2020. Currently, he’s expanding Citizen Storage Management’s third-party management portfolio. Peter is a licensed real estate broker in the state of Michigan.

Our Services

Citizen Storage Management’s Turnkey Services
Additional Services & Expertise

Citizen Storage Management has comprehensive experience in the self storage industry, including self storage real estate acquisitions, self storage property management, self storage marketing, self storage facility development, self storage capital improvements and maintenance. Our team has earned a reputation as the premier self storage property management experts in the regions we operate. Call us today to learn more about how we can help your self storage business reach its full potential.

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A Culture of Commitment

The team at Citizen Storage Management is more than finance experts and technology enthusiasts. We’re entrepreneurs who have felt all the pain and satisfaction that comes with running a business. We get you. When we partner with a self-storage client, we’re all in with our expertise and passion to deliver results. Before we dig into our analysis, we listen to your needs and pain points. Throughout the process, the conversation continues, and the decision-making is all yours. CSM is your true partner for your self storage business success.

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We Take Property Management Personally

More than just a third-party management company, CSM takes pride in creating lasting partnerships with self-storage facility owners. We have decades of experience helping entrepreneurs achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and revenue.

Personalized Service: We offer a more personalized, hands-on approach to managing self storage properties and tailor our services to client’s unique needs.

Cost-effectiveness: We are more efficient and utilize technology to offer competitive pricing and high client retention

Innovation: We invest in new technologies and tools to improve our services and increase efficiency.

Flexibility: We are more flexible in terms of the types of properties we manage and the services we offer, and we offer specialized services such as property renovation and lease negotiation.

Local Market Expertise: We have a strong understanding of local market conditions and offer expertise and valuable insights to property owners on how to maximize the value of their properties.

Transparency and Communication: We provide clear, transparent communication and regular updates to property owners. This includes detailed financial reports, property condition reports, and regular meetings with property owners.

Performance: Citizen Storage Management has a strong track record of success in increasing property value and generating revenue for our clients.

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