“Crises Happen” Blog Series

Introducing Self Storage Crisis Management

Crises happen. They just do. The year before the COVID pandemic hit, 95% of business leaders surveyed by PwC thought their company would face a crisis within two years.


“Almost all businesses expect to face a crisis in the next two years.
And how they deal with them really counts.”
World Economic Forum, PwC Global Crisis Survey 2019
Business leaders just didn’t know what the crisis would be.

A storage facility’s sprinkler head is broken by a truck. A virus shuts down a business’ computer network and phones. A tenant dies by suicide in their storage unit. A town is hit by catastrophic flooding. A regional electrical grid shuts down for days. An employee is caught stealing. A global pandemic breaks out.

You might think, “It won’t happen to me. It can’t happen to my business. Those things happen to other people.” And who knows, you might get lucky. Then again, each of these scenarios has happened, and, most likely, at least one scenario happened to all of us. And no one predicted any of them.

“Self Storage Crisis Management – Crises Happen” is a ten-part series written by Citizen Storage Management President and CEO Peter Spickenagel.

The “Crises Happens” series covers:

  • What is Crisis Management?
  • The Five Most Common Self Storage Crises
  • The Most Important Crisis Management Tactic
  • Crisis Prevention Tips For The Five Most Common Self Storage Crises
  • What To Do After A Crisis

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Peter Spickenagel, President and CEO of Citizen Storage Management is a nationally recognized expert in self-storage management. A frequent speaker at national conferences, he provides industry leaders and owners advice on key topics such as Revenue Management, Operational Best Practices, Creative Marketing Campaigns, and technology trends.

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